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Operating Channel Tips

One must showcase to the student basic skill to professional, video production to channel operation and share insights with regard to several learning insights in order to become a successful creator and to attract more students to join your subscription plan.

Prepare for yourself

Ask yourself 2 questions before operating a channel.


What value can your content bring to users?

(Consider about the perspective of users: why do users pay for your content?)


"My content can help users save time in analyzing stocks" or "My content can help users improve their English skills".​


"My content is of a good quality" is not being considerate of a user’s point of view.”


Why "You" to offer the content?

(What are the knowledge and techniques make the audience select you?)

You can mention your achievement and you experience on your expertise.


Providing content is significantly a "Service Industry". Creators provide services with "content" to help users achieve the ability or knowledge to solve problems he encounters.

Build your LOGO

LOGO plays an imperative role. It symbolizes the characteristics of the channel, it gives students the first impression of you, and to identify your channel.

Channel logo_2x.png

Creator Profile

Users are concerned about why a “content creator" can solve problems for them. Hence, you may emphasize specific experiences including achievements and professions that are relevant to the nature of the subject.

Apart from your experience, you can put forward you concept of your content:

  • Profile should include:

    • Who are you

    • Seniority in a professional field or a convincing practical case.

    • What value your major can offer your subscribers?

  • Example:I am Wang, I have 15 years of experience in the financial industry, and I am also a qualified securities analyst who have participated in corporate listing and fundraising, public acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions, investment and financing, etc.




Hero landing!

Show your Professional!

Take note! Do not use too rigid text, and it does not need to list past experiences, only the most persuasive and impressive experiences for subscribers.

What are the qualities of a good subscription plan?

Every subscription plan should have its character. If you have no ideas, try to stand from audience's perspective. 

Spot the differece

Drag the slider, and figure out the difference between good & bad plans.

Getting Started with
Video Production

Creators have different shooting methods and characteristics. If you are new to editing videos, the following teaching will be helpful and suitable for you.

Free handy video editing software

Power Director


Easy to pick up and edit in any devices, even for a totally green person.


Graphics design



Providing huge amount of free template of posters, slides, banners. You can animate your design here as well!


Streaming tool provide you live streaming features, but of course, you can stream a higher quality live with OBS which supported on



OBS is a free steaming software allows you to change scenes, mixing and transition etc. You can record your screen as well.


Creators shares

Let's see how the existing hosts manage their channel!

YiYou share_2x.png

Master Yi You

Index Analyst

Content is practical to retain students

Packaging is important, but making every content efficient to help students learn is much more important.

Kate share_2x.png


TOFEL Teacher

Using images to enhance students' interest

Subjects are inevitably making students feel dull and uninteresting. I like to add entertaining photos to the presentations. It does not only add color to the black and white content, but it makes my channel more distinctive.

Viola share_2x.png

Viola Lam

Maths Teacher

Leverage social platforms to promote your channel

In the past, some students were challenged understanding the concept. But after resorting to Chunks.AI, the number of students has increased by promoting it through social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube.

You are the next successful creator!

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