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Chunks.Ai is the creation from a group of creators. We understand the difficulties of starting business and managing a channel. Therefore, a user-friendly, privacy protection and passive income learning  platform is created.

My journey to entrepreneurship is rooted from personal story...


My eldest son, Noah, is moderately autistic and he doesn't know how to express his emotions properly. I kept trying various communication methods, but unfortunately it all failed.


I and my husband, Matthijs Dolsma join hands to embark on the road of entrepreneurship. Matthijs, who has been engaged in AI technology for many years, and I personally, is familiar with teaching needs. I officially launched the artificial intelligence software 4 Little Trees in 2017. Using camera, it can detect students' emotions and automatically adjust the difficulty of questions which allows creator to follow up students according to analysis in real time. The progress of the learning experience of the student is monitored and it predicts the test scores of students.


After the official launch, through the Cyberport activities, I met Japanese angel investors that obtained the first capital for starting a business, and I was invited to be a guest speaker at a large-scale entrepreneurial event. Moreover, I have been exposed to a lot of publicity opportunities through Cyberport's consulting services and media. It has already rushed out of Hong Kong and expanded to Thailand, Japan and other Asian regions, and the target has also been extended from schools to different corporate training.


In order to shorten the distance between creator and students, Chunks.AI has developed an online video platform that could take into account both students and creators. Together with my husband and the technical team that have been tacitly creative and innovative for several years now even during the pandemic. In addition of becoming valuable, it can enhance the rhythm of students' learning, and it can even be more practical than a physical classroom. This video platform, which is now Chunks.AI,


Knowledge is valuable, as well as you to share your knowledge.


​Viola Lam

Find Solution AI CEO


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