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Ability is valuable

Join Chunks.AI and share your technical expertise to all recruited students through online platform learning and create a small classroom on the video platform, quantify the value, and earn passive income.

Hong Kong's first patented

Online recording and live teaching platform

Upon the creation of channel in Chunks.AI, the qualified instructors can access and upload several features that Chunks.AI offers including and not limited to teaching videos, setting up freely, supporting users or sponsoring content videos through Chunks.Ai, and manage your video channel and earn passive income.


Different Teaching Experience

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Passive Income

Creator earns passive income when users pay to the subscription plans. It automatically regulates income while the channel is offered for free.


Instant interaction

By mere uploading of videos and live broadcasts, real-time interaction in chat rooms, multimedia teaching at anytime and anywhere makes it accessible to interactive communication than face-to-face.

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Unlimited content

Encourage people know about the nature of the content created including interests, pass on knowledge, promote distinct culture, and acknowledge the diversity of the society.

Always with Creators


Active Users




Monthly income


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CUHK Virtual Lab

Why Chunks.AI?

Unlimited Income for Fixed Time Creation

The income will increase without an upper limitation in accordance with the number of subscriptions that entitles all content creators to enjoy up to 7-8 percent by regularly uploading videos or broadcasting live broadcasts, and promoting channels on social platforms.

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Enterprise cooperation to create an online tutoring club

Instructors can edit the real-time live broadcast and chat room functions into essential clips for students to review with no limitation in your own comfort

The Latest AI Technology Cooperates with Teaching

The AI ​​technology automatically generates subtitles and effectively categorizes videos by putting appropriate keywords which has been

developed by the professional team

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Creator's Shares

Shares from some creators on Chunks.AI,with monthly >HKD $40,000 income.






Share skills, with unlimited passive income

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