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  • How is it different from other video conferencing programs?
    Chunks.Ai is the world's first sharing platform that uses artificial intelligence to classify videos and make summary records. It does not require any manual operation to reduce the loopholes in the video conferencing program and provide users with an efficient and safe platform for content sharing. Users only need to import video and audio files to automatically record summaries, generate subtitles, and use artificial intelligence to digitize and quantify videos to establish your ideal business more quickly. Professional Technology - Developed by a professional team to ensure smooth operation High Proportion Profit - Up to 80% of the share Auto Transcript - AI converts speech-to-text and outputs subtitles simultaneously No Additional installation - Watch live & videos anytime, anywhere Keyword Searching - Systematic videos, comprehensive teaching resources Smart Video Editing - Easy Editing & Upload a video within 3 clicks Unlimited video replays - feel free to watch videos at any time 24/7 One-stop management of live streams—Intelligent editing of videos
  • 與其他視像會議程式有何不同?
    Chunks.Ai 為全球首個使用人工智能分類影片及摘要記錄的分享平台,不經任何人手操作,減少視像會議程式所出現的漏洞,為用家提供一個高效及安全的分享平台。用戶只需導入視頻及音頻檔案,即可全自動記錄摘要及轉換字幕,以人工智能把影片數據化,定量化,更快捷實現您的理想事業。 專業技術- 由專業團隊研發 確保運作順暢 高收入分成- 扣除相關費用後 可賺取高達80%分成 AI輸出字幕摘要 - AI 轉換語音至文字 同步輸出字幕 毋須下載任何軟件- 只需登入網站 即可直播或重溫片段 關鍵字搜索功能- 系統化影片 齊備教學資源 無限制影片重溫- 輕鬆自學 24小時想學就學 一站式管理直播- 智能化剪輯影片 一按即用
  • Chunks.Ai 是甚麼 ?
    Chunks.Ai,一個採用人工智能進行影片製作及分享的平台。創作之路絕不平坦,一群創作者明白到,於這個充滿競爭的媒體世界中,經營個人頻道及直播所面對的壓力。因此,Chunks.Ai 憑著經驗,為其他志同道合的創作者首先除去一些不必要的步驟,令創作者們的工作效率更高!您亦可以使用我們的「訂立收費計劃」功能予您的訂閱者,利用分享影片持續賺取被動收入。 Chunks.Ai 創新的AI 技術,自動替您的影片轉換字幕,無需手動上字幕!Chunks.Ai 中不含任何彈出式的廣告,同時保障您的私隱。實時直播、上傳影片、添加字幕抑或與用戶的互動,亦無需安裝額外的程式。Chunks.Ai 會協助您除去於創作期間所遇到的煩人的步驟,讓您更節省時間,專注經營自己的頻道,享受免卻煩擾的創作自由! 我們還有更多特色的AI 功能,快來試用!
  • Why Chunks.Ai?
    Users of Chunks.Ai do not need to install any additional software and can instead directly use the powerful, intelligent video editing function online. The income from the platform can also be earned passively, with a high cut of the income going straight to you, and help you to attain financial independence. Key Features Continuously earn passive income Create your own teaching courses and share them with students all over the world Live broadcast, video conference and pre-recorded video - make teaching model diversified Real-time discussion area Provide instant testing and question function Homework correction Powerful, intelligent movie editing function Flexible to set up a variety of fee plans Include online and offline promotion - increasing your video popularity and number of viewers Automatically send an email to notify the subscribers - increasing the viewing rate of the video
  • 為何選擇 Chunks.Ai ?
    Chunks.Ai 的用家毋須安裝任何程式,能在線上直接使用強大的智能化影片剪輯功能。平台中的收入亦能助您持續賺取被動收入,擁有高分成,助您經濟獨立。 焦點特色 持續賺取被動收入 直播、視像會議及預錄影片功能一應俱全,助您的教學模式更多元化 實時討論區 提供即時測驗、問題功能 功課批改 強大的智能化影片剪輯功能 靈活訂立多種收費計劃 專業團隊助您進行線上及線下宣傳,增加你的影片知名度及觀看率 用家每次發佈新影片,系統會自動發出電郵通知訂閱了的觀眾,增加影片的接觸率 創建屬於您的教學課程,將課程分享給世界各地的學生
  • What is Chunks.Ai?
    Chunks.Ai, a platform that uses artificial intelligence for video production and video sharing. The road to content creation is difficult. A group of creators recognised and understood the pressure of operating personal channels while living in this competitive world of media. Therefore, Chunks.Ai was created to most importantly remove unnecessary steps in content creation to make work more efficient for creators! You can also use our “Fee Plan" function to benefit from gaining subscribers, and hence continue to earn passive income when your videos are shared. The innovative AI technology of Chunks.Ai has made it possible to provide an auto transcript function, removing the need to manually add subtitles. There are no pop-up advertisements in Chunks.Ai, at the same time protecting your privacy. Use Chunks.Ai to live stream in real-time, upload videos, add subtitles, and interact with users without installing additional programs. Chunks.Ai will help you remove the unnecessary steps in the content creation process, allowing you to save time, focus on operating your channel, and enjoy creative freedom without the hassle! We have many more unique AI functions, come and try them out!
  • 教學內容以甚麼形式發佈?
  • Do channel subscriptions have time restrictions?
    It should be according to the subscribed plan that creators have set. Apart from free content, most of the plans are charged monthly or annually.
  • In what way will teaching content be released?
    All content will be conducted online. Methods of releasing teaching content including uploading the recorded videos, live streaming, writing articles. The above methods can be reviewed anytime, anywhere without limits. You can download the appendix uploaded by creators at any time and modify it to compile your own set of revision notes.
  • 訂閱頻道有時限嗎?
  • 我需要訂閱頻道後才能觀看教學內容嗎?
  • Can I only watch the teaching content after subscribing to the channel?
    The creator will allocate their content into different subscription plans. Some of the content is free and some of it is charged. It completely depends on how the creator allocates their content.
  • 如何訂閱頻道?
  • What if I don’t have a credit card?
    Don’t worry if you don’t have a credit card. Chunks.Ai also accepts O! epay Mastercard, a reloadable prepaid card. If you choose to use O! epay Mastercard as your method of payment, the fees incurred will be deducted from your prepaid account. 1. How to activate O! epay Mastercard: 2. Download the Octopus mobile app 3. In the app, click O! epay Mastercard 4. Click “Apply Now” 5. Click “Confirm” to complete the activation
  • 有甚麼付款方式?
  • 沒有信用卡怎麼辦?
    沒有信用卡的話不用擔心,Chunks.Ai支援可充值預付卡O!epay Mastercard,費用會在預付賬戶中扣除餘額。 開通O!epay Mastercard方法: 1. 下載八達通手機應用程式 2. 在App內點選O!epay Mastercard 3. 接「立即申請」 4. 按「確認」便完成開通
  • What payment methods can I use?
    Currently, we accept credit cards (VISA, Mastercard) as a form of payment. The payment period is kept completely confidential, keeping in line with the security standards of the credit card industry. No records will be left on our website, including our webpage.
  • How can I subscribe to a channel?
    On the page of your favourite creator’s channel, click on the “Subscribe” button to see all of the creator’s subscription plans. After selecting your ideal subscription plan, you will be redirected to a payment page. After completion, you will be able to watch the creator’s paid content.
  • 開設頻道?
    進入,點擊右上 "成為創作者" 按鈕。 輸入電郵,設置密碼。註冊後系統將即刻跳轉至登入頁面。 再次輸入電郵和密碼,開始建立您的頻道。
  • 成為學生?
    進入,點解右上角按鈕 "成為會員"。 輸入你的電郵和密碼,成功註冊會員後,再次輸入電郵和密碼即可觀看心儀的頻道了。
  • 直播
    與上傳預錄影片類似,揀選揀選管理影片,點擊製作新的影片,並填寫流直播的基本信息(包括標題,直播日期及時間,和直播語言)。 您還能邀請多達三個/創作者一同參與直播。只需在邀請講者的下方框中填寫創作者電郵帳號即可。 點擊開啟等待室,預覽你的流直播設定。您可自由啟用或關閉視訊和音訊,或是分享螢幕給觀眾。一切就緒便可點擊開始直播。 直播時,觀看人數會實時顯示。您也可在右側的實時交談區與觀眾互動。 結束直播後,其錄像會自動保存並由 / 人工智能進行分析。您可回到管理影片, 檢查並剪輯分析過的片段。完成即點擊提交片段,由人工智能自動配上字幕後正式發佈。
  • 上傳影片
    登入後,進入 "創作者模式",開始管理您的影片,用戶,頻道,或是月費計劃。 點擊選單 "管理影片" ,點擊橘色按鈕製作新的影片。 上載影片設定: 剪輯精華: 編輯智能字幕: 大功告成了!
  • 常規
    您可隨時通過網站右上的 "創作者模式" 按鈕返回創作者主頁,或點擊 "查看模式" 按鈕進入學生頁面。 通過點擊主頁右上的頭標,您也可更新您的個人簡介,管理您本人的訂閱,或是登出帳號。
  • 頻道設定
    進入 "創作者模式" 後,點選儀表板進入 "管理頻道" 頁面。 您可為您的頻道命名,設定字幕默認語言,轉換其公開或私人的模式。您亦可查看頻道的分享連結,邀請更多的觀眾加入頻道。 為了更好的識別頻道,您可上傳頻道標識, 並為其撰寫概要和關鍵詞。
  • 討論區
    點擊菜單 "討論區",您即可進入討論區查看觀眾留言,與學生討論。同時,觀眾也可分享留言至社交網站增進交流。
  • 設定訂閱計劃
    進入 "創作者模式" 後,點選菜單中的 "儀表板" 進入管理訂閱計劃頁面。 輸入計劃名稱,詳細列出各個計劃的特別之處,再為其設計不同的每月/一次性收費標準。 當您通過製作新的影片上傳影片或安排直播時,可為其分配一個或多個月費計劃已規劃用戶對頻道內容不同程度的享用權限。
  • 匯款資訊
    PressPlay 使用之銀行帳戶為國泰世華帳戶,若使用非國泰世華帳戶,則每次匯款時會直接從匯出款項中扣除匯款手續費$15。
  • 結算日期
    每月的訂閱收入,於當月最後一日進行結算,於次月 4日 顯示於月結算報表。 分潤撥款日期: 每月的訂閱收入,於次月 25 日進行撥款(如遇假日將順延至下個工作日給付)
  • 分潤機制及拆帳日期說明
    每月訂閱收入會先扣除第三方金流手續費2.25%之後,平台再從中收取20%的服務費。 分潤公式 撥款計算公式為: 「訂閱未稅總額」扣除「金流公司之手續費(以訂閱 總額計算 2.25%)」後×20% 舉實例試算:該月的總訂閱金額為 100 元 平台服務費:[ 95-(100*0.025) ] x 20%=18.55 創作者所得:95-2.25-18.55=74.2
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